Don’t Overlook Sales As Being a Viable New Career Choice

When kids are growing up they talk about things they want to be. Almost all kids mention being things such as doctors or police officers. However, I don’t think I have ever heard a kid tell me that he or she wanted to be a sales person when they grow up. However, it can be an exciting and rewarding career. Sales can be a global venture and adventure. It can be a career that can let you express a great deal of creativity and be a showcase for talents. In traveling I learned that verkooptraining is sales training. This made me realize that sales is a viable and worthy career all around the globe. It does not matter if you are selling your own homegrown produce in a rural market in China or selling real estate on Manhattan Island. There are opportunities in sales everywhere.

Another thing I have noticed in traveling for my sales career is that when one market is down, another one is up. Someone is always selling to customers who are seeking to buy. I see it as sales oddly being a recession-proof business. If you have skills selling one type of product or service, they are easily transferable to another type of product or service. Sales training, or verkooptraning as my Dutch friends say, is universally applicable whether you are selling medical supplies to hospitals or office equipment to governments. The same principals of selling that a car salesman in Iowa is using to present cars to his customers works for a real estate agent in Florida.

It comes down to having great interpersonal and communication skills and really, and I mean really, knowing your product or service inside and out and forwards and backwards. Customers can spot it when you are faking it. There is plenty of opportunity in sales markets for anything you have an interest in from airplanes to the latest electronic gadgets. For those looking to change their line of work, joining a sales team for a product or service you are interested in can be a great career.