How to Get a Better Job in Finance

I started with an interest in finance when I was young. I pestered my grandmother to start me a savings account before I was old enough to have my own bank account. I would make deposits every week from money I got delivering newspapers and doing jobs for neighbors, relatives and friends. I learned the value of compound interest early in life. I went into finance for a career. I got an education in finance, and was looking for the best financial services recruitment agency in bristol for that line of work. I wanted to have my skills paired with a firm that would appreciate my work and give me room to grow.

I took my time finding an agency that was interested in top candidates for financial jobs. I did not want to be involved with one of those agencies that just get you an entry-level position that you could get on your own. I mean, anyone can drop off a resume and get a lower wage position that is below your skill level. I wanted a job that would give me growth opportunities and be a challenge for me every day that would motivate me to do better and better. I do not like becoming stagnant and simply repetitive.

There are different types of recruiting agencies. Some are just headhunters that want to fill open positions for their clients without any real concern of the overall results. I wanted to be a candidate with a firm that would help place me with a company that shared my values and desired an employee with my type of work ethic. It was really refreshing to finally get to be a part of something I could enjoy in my career. I am so happy that I tried them out. Otherwise, I may have just been stuck with another dead end job.