I Am Switching to Netflix

I had gotten satellite TV nearly two years ago because I was offered a great price for it. That price was locked for two years, so I was able to enjoy TV for a very low price. My two year contract is just about up though, and my bill is going to nearly double. If I watched more channels, I would probably not mind paying it. However, I only watch a handful of channels, so I knew that I was going to have to cancel. I saw an ad about new releases on Netflix, and that got me to thinking about my alternatives to the satellite programming.

I really don’t care if I see a program on the day it airs. There are times where my DVR had shows on it for months because I just did not have time or I wanted to wait until I had the entire season so I could binge watch. I looked at the shows and movies that were coming to Netflix next month, and I saw that one of the shows I have on my DVR is actually going to have the same exact season on it.

When I compared the prices between my satellite programming and Netflix, it was a no brainer. Something else that helped me was looking at other things on Netflix Insider other than just the new movie releases and TV show releases. I had no idea that Netflix carried so many different kinds of shows and movies, and I knew that I would enjoy it much more because I could binge watch any number of TV shows this way. I am just waiting another week until my contract expires, then I am making the switch. Not only am I going to save money but I am also going to enjoy the programming a whole lot more.