I Couldn’t Fit into My Gown

My sister’s wedding date was approaching quicker than any of us thought possible. The plans had started two years prior, and it was such a long engagement period that we thought we had a while. Time has a funny way of slowing down or speeding up at will though. I had put on nearly 15 pounds between the fitting of my maid of honor gown and the quick approach of the wedding. I knew that I needed to find a way to lose it, and someone suggested that I look into the 3 week diet.

Since I had nearly two months before the wedding, I knew I had plenty of time to lose the weight, but I also knew that I wanted to be able to fit into my gown before the actual wedding week too. I went online to look at the information for the three week diet plan, and I was really surprised by what I saw. It was not a miracle pill that was going to allow me to lose the 15 pounds in three weeks. I was actually glad to see that, because I knew that hard work was going to be the key to getting the weight off of me.

Instead of a miracle pill, this was a manual system that explained the key factors in losing more than one pound a week, which is what a lot of diets are nowadays. I didn’t need to lose just one pound, I needed to lose at least three to four pounds a week in order to get this off, and reading the four different manuals is what gave me the information I needed to do this. The diet and workout manuals were amazingly accurate, but it was the mind and motivation manual that really made the difference. Within three weeks, I was able to fit back into my gown!