It Has Been Very Hard to Lose Someone That We Loved So Much

Childhood was always a really happy time in our home when my siblings and I were growing up. We grew up in the same home as our grandparents. my grandmother was a homemaker, and our grandfather was a Jewish rabbi at the temple we went to. He passed away while speaking to the congregation last week. It was heartbreaking for all. The congregation got together and donated so that we could go look at Jewish memorials in New Jersey and pick a nice one for him. We could have easily afforded it ourselves, but the fact that so many people purchase purchased it out of love means so much more to us.

Our grandfather was always and outspoken but very kind man. He showed respect for everyone that he met in life. Even when he met people who were highly troubled, he treated them respectfully and very kindly. I learned a lot from him by watching him. He was truly a man of his word, and he inspired so many people in our city. Not only was he a good person with everyone else, but she was amazing with her own family. He treated my grandmother like a princess, and in return, she treated him just as well.

I fully believe that not everyone has wonderful parents and grandparents. I believe that my brother and I got lucky. My grandmother had the good sense to marry a good guy who respected her in every way. I never heard him speak an unkind word to her, and I often saw how loving and supportive he was to her. I’m greatful that I have had good family members to learn from, I know that many people do not have that in their lives. His presense is missed, and I only hope that I can go on to be half the good person he was.