I’ve Promised Myself That I Will Let Someone else Do the Hard Work from Now on

The last time that I tried to cut a tree down a few years ago, I ended up falling out of it and landing on the ground. I broke my ankle. This time, I called a Queens tree service to come over and take out the rest of that one and one other tree that was dying. After my big fall, I was out of commission for a long time. When I healed several months later, I didn’t feel that it would be a good idea for me to try doing the rest of the work on my own. I am usually someone who lets other people do the work for me because I’m a bit clumsy, but I just wanted to give it a try that day. That was a big mistake.

When I was a kid, I used to marvel at the fact that my dad was so handy around the house. My mom loved that she could ask him to do a specific project for her, and he could always figure out how to carry out the work with ease. Not only that, but I used to watch him scrambling around on the roof when he needed to replace roof shingles. He had great balance. He invited me up on the roof with him to work a couple of times, but I slipped and stumbled each time. Since then, I tried to stay away from doing things that involve using a ladder.

When I got up into the tree in my yard years ago, I had no one to help me. So, I started out by climbing up a ladder and cutting some of the higher tree branches off. I wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t hit the house if the tree itself fell the wrong way. I was able to cut down two branches, but by the time I reached the third one, my foot slipped and I fell. So this time, it felt good to be able to hire someone to come over to handle the work for me. I won’t be using my ladder again in the future.