My New Trees Are off to a Great Start

I threw in the towel and called a Long Island tree company after I spent a lot of money on several young trees, planted them, and then watched them rapidly shrivel up and die. I tried watering them and fertilizer and they still perished very quickly. I did a lot of internet research about planting trees, and thought I learned the basics for getting them off to a great start, but it turns out that I knew almost nothing about the subject. I learned all of this later when the people from the tree company showed up to replace them with new trees.

Always trust the experts. There is a reason they are experts, and it is because they have extensive knowledge about all aspects of trees because that is all they do. They took a look at the places I planted the trees and immediately saw that the soil there wasn’t conducive to good growth. Then they noticed I didn’t prune them properly and that the supports I put around them were far too tight for such a slender trunk. I basically put them in soil that wasn’t good for them and then strangled them to death.

The tree company spent some time determining where the trees should go and, more importantly, which trees would do the best in that particular soil. I had to make some changes in the types of trees I wanted, but it all worked out for the best. They got the trees, brought them out, carefully planted them, and then made sure the trees had a solid brace and enough fertilizer to get a good start. Looking out back from the house, I must say I made a major mistake not going with this company from the start. They did a great job and I can’t wait to watch the trees grow.