We Wanted All New Locks for the House

My wife and I took our time finding the home that we wanted to live in for the rest of our lives. I imagine that we looked at close to 30 homes before we found the one that just called out to both of us. We knew that we would need to make a few renovations, but we were even looking forward to that. After having our offer accepted and everything finalized, the first thing I did was look for a residential locksmith in Brisbane Australia so we could have all of the locks changed in the house.

One of the things that we like about this house is how many doors there are to go outside. There are three different porches, plus there are two entry doors for the basement as well. When you include the door for the garage as well as the two outbuildings, that is a lot of locks that needed to be changed. Even though the former owners seem to be very trustworthy, I knew that they could have handed out a lot of keys through the years to others. The best way to counter that is to just have all the locks professionally changed.

The reason why I wanted a professional locksmith to do it is because I wanted some of the doors to have the same keys. I did not want to have to carry eight to ten keys on my key chain just to be able to access the house, the garage or one of the outbuildings. I would rather have three or four, so I knew that the locksmith would be able to help me with that. We had all the locks changed before we took anything to the house, and we are planning on starting the renovations very soon. This is all so exciting!